Upper Prickly Pear Fishing Access

Restoration work began at this site in 2015. The purpose of this project was to reduce the amount of access sediment eroding into the stream channel, and to add significant floodplain capacity to Prickly Pear Creek. Major actions of this restoration effort included:

-Eroding sections of Prickly Pear Creek were realigned.
-Stream banks were treated with juniper tree revetments, willow cuttings, root wads and rock to reduce bank erosion.
-Approximately 2,400 feet of Prickly Pear Creek were treated and restored.
-A water gap for livestock access was installed, allowing the landowner to fence stock from the project area.

Re-vegetation was part of the restoration plan, but unfortunately, the planting was delayed due to extended permitting processes. This resulted in the death of the majority of the willows. However, on March 21st, 2017, a group of volunteers harvested over 1000 willow cuttings and stored them in an adjacent spring creek. The following week (March 27th and 30th), volunteers from the community of Helena, Fish Wildlife & Parks, Lewis & Clark Conservation District and Big Sky Watershed Corps helped plant the willow cuttings along the banks of the spring creek and Prickly Pear Creek. A huge thanks to all who volunteer to make these projects possible!



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