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Story Maps:

Geology of the Helena Area

Learn more about local hydrology and geology of the Helena area. Science-heavy but comprehensible and informative.

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Monitoring Programs

Explore the Water Quality Protection District's monitoring programs: the "hows," "wheres," and "whys" of the data they are collecting.

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Restoration Projects

What can we do to improve our landscapes? Explore the variety of restoration work that has been implemented throughout the Lake Helena Watershed with the collaboration of local landowners, agency and nonprofit partners.

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Groundwater Depletion

Our groundwater resources are vitally important to our communities — are they at risk?

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Watershed Overview

View the extent of the Lake Helena Watershed and its major streams and features.

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Riparian Fencing

How can landowners improve riparian habitat and grazing management simultaneously? Check out this project as a great example.

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