Well Test Kits

Do you get your water from a well?

Do you know what is in your well water?

Have you tested your water this year?

Private wells are not regulated by any agency, and it is up to you to test your well water.

The Lake Helena Watershed Group works with the Water Quality Protection District and MSU Extension to administer well water test kits year-round through Montana State University’s Well-Educated Program. This is a state-wide program through Montana State University‚Äôs Extension Office: All are welcome to come pick up a test kit, no matter where you live. We serve as a centralized, local distributor of these test kits. Check out their website : MSU Well Educated Program

The basic test: $35
A more comprehensive test: $75
Additional parameters you want tested are $10 each

The Lewis and Clark Conservation District and Water Quality Protection District has a cost-share program for you if you live in Lewis and Clark County. If you send them your results, they will reimburse you $25.

Pick up your test kit at : 316 N Park Avenue, Helena, MT, 59623; 2nd Floor, Room 220

Our Recommendations:

  • Test annually for: Coliform & E. Coli Bacteria, pH, conductivity, and nitrates
  • Test every other year for: Arsenic & Uranium*

    *We know that in many areas, there are higher-than-normal concentrations of Arsenic and Uranium within the Lake Helena Watershed:
    *Learn more about Arsenic and Uranium

    If you have any questions, contact the Water Quality Protection District at: 406 – 457 – 8584

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